“Tej Kohli Foundation”

Seeking to improve the quality of life in Costa Rica through educational opportunity, improved health care, and access to cultural programs, Kohli tej through his foundation makes grants that strengthen arts & culture, youth development, health, education and human more...

“Community Support”

Kohli Tej believes that his obligation to support the communities where he has business presence is fundamental.
As a good neighbor, Tej always seeks opportunities to partner with fellow citizens to ensure that community needs are met - often in unique and creative ways. read more...


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Kohli Tej - A visionary philanthropist and a steadfast partner of the community

Kohli Tej - 48, is admired as one of Costa Rica's leading Philanthropists. Recognizing his commitment for community development activities, a business magazine in Costa Rica has listed Mr. Kohli 8th on its list of "The 50 Most Generous Social Entrepreneurs" in the nation.

Mr. Kohli's gifts span a myriad of subjects and aimed to awaken, organize and enable children, their families and communities towards self-development and self-reliance. They have ranged from contributions of hundreds of thousands of dollars to support students of under-privileged group, to a donation of fund for sports facility for school children, to education and job placement programmes for under-privileged residents so as they can gain hopeful, new perspective in restoring their lives. While they vary in size and focus, all of his philanthropic activities are aimed at providing opportunities and resources that positively impact physical, emotional, educational and economical well being in the community.

Mr. Kohli harbors two main philanthropic passions: education and community development.


• Through the Tej Kohli Foundation, Kohli Tej has directed contributions totaling more than 300 thousand dollars to support students, teachers, schools and educational programmes raising the educational standard of the regions in Costa Rica.

• In his most recent gift, Mr. Kohli in October 2006 announced a $1Million dollars scholarship fund for the bright under-privileged Central American children who have achieved academic excellence and demonstrated an interest and aptitude in mathematics and computer sciences. Gift from Kohli Tej provides 20 years commitment of an additional $100,000 per quarter to accelerate and implement educational programmes and science enrichment programmes.

• His appreciation of the value of education will perpetually allow children of underprivileged backgrounds to recognize & pursue their dreams in the field of medicine, information technology & related sciences.

 Community Development

His major community involvement initiatives are focused on:
• Improving Education
• Employee Philanthropy
• Financial Literacy
• Strengthening Neighborhoods
• Helping Small Businesses
• Community Partnerships

Kohli's community commitment is diverse and far-reaching and aimed at bringing people together in the spirit of community service.

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